What Makes Us Different?

Media Cloud goes much deeper than just simply offloading your media to the cloud.  In the chart below you can see everything Media Cloud is capable of and how it stacks up against the competition.

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Media Cloud vs Offload Media
Offload Media Offload
Cloud Storage
Amazon S3
DigitalOcean Spaces
Google Cloud Storage
Other S3 compatible services
Transfer acceleration
S3 only
S3 only
S3 only
S3 only
Pre-signed URLs
Ability to set caching info
Custom upload directories
Custom CDN
Custom document CDN
Storage browser
Media list integration
Upload directly to the cloud, bypassing WordPress
Import media from cloud storage
Migrate local media to cloud storage
Premium Only
Rebuild thumbnails
Network level multisite support
Image size manager
Advanced image crop tool
Video Encoding
Transcoding uploaded videos
Variable bit-rate HLS encoding
Secure Video URLs
Video Watermarking
Integrated Video JS player
Video analytics
Send video events to Google Analytics
Imgix support
Advance image editor
Render PDF files
Detect faces
Resize animated GIFs
Imgix Premium Account
Imgix Premium Account
Imgix Premium Account
Imgix Premium Account
Convert animated GIFs to MP4
Imgix Premium Account
Imgix Premium Account
Imgix Premium Account
Imgix Premium Account
Advanced image optimization
Global image CDN
Real-time dynamic image transforms
Watermarking images
Built-In Image Optimization
Built-in support for Kraken.io
Built-in support for ShortPixel
Built-in support for TinyPNG
Built-in support for Imagify
Store javascript and CSS assets in the cloud
Premium Only
Push mode (assets are pushed to the cloud)
Pull mode (assets are pulled from WordPress by CDN)
Premium Only
Custom asset versioning
Control caching and content expiration
Amazon Rekognition
Rekognition Only
Google Cloud Vision
Automatic tagging with machine learning
Rekognition Only
Automatic classification with machine learning
Rekognition Only
Automatic moderations with machine learning
Rekognition Only
Detect faces
Rekognition Only
Easy Digital Downloads
Gravity Forms
Fluent Forms
NextGen Gallery
Smart Slider 3
Master Slider
AMP for WordPress
AMP for WP
Fluent Support
WP Job Manager
EWWW Image Optimizer
Smush Image Optimizer
ShortPixel Image Optimizer
Imagify Image Optimizer
Comparison as of 5/27/2019 based on information from Offload Media's website.

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