Multisite Updates and New Pricing Plans!

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This new release of Media Cloud puts heavy emphasis on Multisite and we've just released new pricing plans specifically for Multsite!

Multisite Updates

This release sees a lot of fixes for Multisite:

  • You can now completely hide the Media Cloud menu from sites in your network. Media Cloud will continue to work, of course, but it’ll be transparent to your users.
  • Added support for the Global Media Library plugin so that you can share a single site’s media library.
  • Warn if no Upload Directory has been set when in multisite.  If no upload directory is set, the root site will be uploading to the root of your cloud storage bucket, which may not be desirable.
  • Fixed a bug with the Cloud Storage Browser in multisite.

New Multisite Pricing!

Since we launched the premium version of Media Cloud we’ve received a lot of feedback with regards to Multisite WordPress.  Today we’re acting on that feedback and have released three new pricing plans specifically for Multisite WordPress installations.  Each plan includes the network multisite mode that allows you to define Media Cloud settings at the network level that each site in your network will use.  This feature was formerly only available in the Pro plan.

We’re also introducing our first unlimited license, Multisite Unlimited, that will allow you to buy one license to use across an unlimited number of sites.

We feel these new pricing plans put our pricing inline with the market, if not coming in lower in pricing than our competitors.

Note, these multisite licenses will only activate on a multisite WordPress installation and cannot be used on a non-multisite WordPress site.

by Jon Gilkison

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