Media Cloud 3.1.5 Released

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Version 3.1.5 of Media Cloud introduces a major new feature, new integrations and a number of important bug fixes. New in 3.1.5 is the ability to import existing media on your cloud storage bucket directly into your WordPress media library. Also new is a command line tool allows you to migrate from Human Made's S3 Uploads plugin and a new integration with Ultimate Member profile plugin!

What’s New

  • Import media from cloud storage with the new Import From Cloud batch tool!  This tool allows you to easily copy media from your bucket to your WordPress media library.
  • New command line tool allows you to migrate from Human Made’s S3 Uploads plugin to Media Cloud!
  • You can now regenerate thumbnails and image sizes for your media library if you have Imgix or Dynamic Images enabled.  Previously this option was only available if either feature was turned off.
  • The batch tool user interface was completely rewritten from scratch, fixing several bugs and providing more helpful error messages if something goes south.
  • The System Compatibility tool will automatically adjust your batch processing settings to insure that background tasks will run smoothly.
  • New Ultimate Member integration!
  • Added new options when importing files with the cloud storage browser.

What’s Fixed

  • Fix for direct uploads when using Wasabi as a storage provider.
  • Under certain circumstances, the srcset attribute for image tags would include the wrong image sizes when using Imgix.
  • The Regenerate Image button in the cloud information pop-up had stopped working a few releases ago, but is now working again.
  • The System Compatibility tool would sometimes fail on more restrictive hosting providers.  Compatibility with these kind of hosts has been improved.
  • Improved Backblaze integration.

by Jon Gilkison

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